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Mission Statement

To promote and advance hand therapy practice through Education and Research
Through education seminars and hands-on practical workshops, we aim at refreshing and enriching professional capacities of therapists, fresh graduates and undergraduates with the latest knowledge and skills in hand therapy, enhancing the standard of services in locality

We encourage sharing and exchange of ideas and skills with therapists from different countries. By participating in and hosting of educational seminars, we expect to assimilate technology and advancement by exchanging experiences with therapists from different countries on one hand, and promoting our local standard of therapy practice to internationals on the other hand. Moreover, we are also ready to co-operate with those overseas therapists who are at their start of developing hand rehabilitation in their countries, facilitating their establishment at a smooth and reinforcing way.
Evidence-based practice is a pre-requisite step used to prove the efficacy and efficiency of our every day clinical practice. We try to promote the research atmosphere and cultivate therapists interests and practice in research by organizing research seminars and experiences exchange forum so that our quality services can be uphold and improved in a continuous way.